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Last Chance To Change

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Cost of converting to clean energy less risky than doing nothing

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just released a report with a hopeful message as we spiral closer to the destructive results of climate change for life as we know it.  The IPCC report shows us that converting our energy systems to clean sustainable sources without ruining worldwide economies is not a fantasy but instead an attainable reality, but we must act on a large scale and it must be now! It is our last chance to change…

Professor Jim Ska, energy expert at the Imperial College of London and co-chair of the IPCC report teams states that, “It is actually affordable to do it and people are not going to have to sacrifice their aspirations about improved standards of living.”  The report makes it clear that the risks of doing nothing or continuing on the current path of  ‘too little, too late’  are much greater than the economic and social risks of transforming our energy to cleaner systems.

You can read a more detailed review from the London based newspaper “The Guardian” or read the IPCC report for yourself.

smokestacksThe issue of climate change becomes more urgent with each passing day.  All the information we need to push our leaders in the right direction is available for everyone.  It seems the greatest challenge is in mobilizing people to insist and demand for clean energy reform.  Too many of us are either in denial chalking it up to a hoax or have given up on our political system as a lost cause.  As a mother of 5 children I refuse to give up on the future of my children, and yours…

Although I understand the frustration that leads to the latter of these two positions, this attitude will only allow more of the same wrong doings that have led to our current predicament.  We must continue forward demanding that our leaders and policy makers push industries to transition into clean energy systems despite the billion dollar campaigns fossil fuel companies to stop the progress.  Anything less is the path to our own extinction. Unless, you can afford a seat on the next shuttle to Mars…

The next time you want to bury your head in the sand consider this question: if you know the pilot of your plane is heading into the side of a mountain, would you do something to try and stop him?





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