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Things To Do In The Upper Peninsula Winter

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Winter Wonderland Of The Great North

Marquette MI- It seems that most people go into hibernation mode as soon as the snow starts flying. They think it is too cold to do anything fun outside and would rather stay warm doing indoor activities. These people have obviously never visited the Upper Peninsula’s winter wonderland.

Sure, our winters can be harsh at times but it just adds to the fun. Everyone seems to know Marquette for our amazing snowmobile trails and killer ski hill. However there is much more to this place then meets the eye. If throwing down at the ski hill or ripping up the sled trails is not your thing, then you should come check out one of our ever-stretching trail networks.


Touring through the wilderness on snowmobiles is a huge draw for winter tourists throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (photo by Ron Caspi)

Earlier this year the Marquette Snow Bike Route made the top 10 lists of best fat bike trails in the Untied States. This trail network stretches 15 miles through our scenic wilderness and is a must ride for any fat bike enthusiasts.

Two fat bike enthusisits ride on the Noquemanon Trail Network in Marquette, MI on Monday, March 17, 2014. ( photo by Ron Caspi)

Two fat bike enthusiasts ride on the Noquemanon Trail Network in Marquette, Michigan. (photo by Ron Caspi)

Running alongside the fat bike trails are some of the best cross-country trails in the Midwest. Ranging in a variety of difficulty these trails are a must ski. There is no better family activity to do in the winter then to pack up the skies and bikes for a weekend and hit the northern tails for an unforgettable experience.

If the trails are not your thing then you should come up and check out some of the spectacular natural attractions. A must explore is the Eden Ice Caves, every winter the excess snow melts and flows over the cliff edge creating naturally sculpted caves to be explored.


Eben Ice Caves in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Photo courtesy of Habibi Photography

If hiking is your thing you can head Sugarloaf Mountain, Hogsback Mountain, and little Presque Isle, all just a quick ride up Hwy 550 from Marquette.

Sugarloaf Mountain is the smallest of all the surrounding mountains and is a nice easy hike up. At the top hikers are rewarded with a view that overlooks Lake Superior, the city of Marquette, and our vast woodlands.

Just down the road from Sugarloaf is Hogsback Mountain. This Mountain is the largest in Marquette and made for the more adventurous hikers that love a challenge and the view from the top is unbelievable!

A little further down the road you will find Little Presque Isle. This is a park that has numerous hiking trials running along the shore of Superior. Every trail you take is packed full of photographic opportunities. If you live in the city, you will find yourself wishing you had trails like Little Presque’s back home.

Marquette also offers up some amazing winter events when you need a break from the trails or if you just want to challenge your skills. One such event is the Downtown Showdown Rail Jam. This event showcases some of Marquette’s talented young action sports athletes as they throw down their best tricks in a downhill slope contest on the streets of Marquette.

Marquette Down Town Show Down rail jam. (photo by Roweena Langin)

Marquette Down Town Show Down rail jam. (photo by Roweena Langin)

Instead of keeping the kids cooped up in the house, bring them up to the great white North to experience a weekend bursting with fun and adventure. It doesn’t matter if it’s 85 degrees or white out conditions, there is always something to do in Marquette!

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