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Vierling Restaurant Taste of Marquette

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Stop in to Try Some of Marquette's Best Local Flavors


The Vierling serves up steaks and fresh Lake Superior whitefish as part of their dinner menu. (photo by Ron Caspi)

Marquette, MI – Every town has one, the go to place everyone sends visitors for a taste of the local flavors and character. If you’re visiting Marquette in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, that go to place is sure to be the Vierling Restaurant and Brewery.


Fresh Lake Superior whitefish is a featured menu item available for lunch or dinner at the Vierling Restaurant. (photo by Ron Caspi)


The Vierling offers several hearty salads for lunch like this goat cheese salad with walnuts and beets. (photo by Ron Caspi)

You’re looking for views? How about a table overlooking Lake Superior? Looking for good food that features local cuisine? How about a fresh Whitefish Picatta caught that day? You’re a beer lover? Can you handle 10 varieties on tap from the in-house micro-brewery just downstairs? What about local atmosphere? You’ll love the antique art collection decorating the walls of the Vierling’s interior which has been restored to it’s 100 year old historical charm.


The walls of the Vierling feature antique art with many pieces dating back to the 1800’s. (photo by Ron Caspi)

The Vierling has it all, which explains it’s sustained success for over 29 years. Open Monday – Saturday for lunch and dinner, the food is made with an emphasis on “fresh and homeade”.  You’ll also find a well stocked wine cellar, full bar, and some of the best beer in town.  The Vierling features the only micro-brewery that serves food in addition to their fine craft beers.

Marquette attracts folks from all over with it’s beautiful scenery, outdoor recreation, and festivals.  The Vierling has become a must stop place for the diverse generations of people who visit throughout the seasons looking for a good time with friends and family over a delicious meal or mug of beer.

You can't go wrong with a couple of beers over a lunch of seafood chowder, fresh whitefish, and a goatcheese salad with walnuts and beets! (photo by Ron Caspi)

You can’t go wrong with a couple of beers over a lunch of seafood chowder, fresh whitefish, and a goat cheese salad with walnuts and beets! (photo by Ron Caspi)

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