Get ‘Stuck’ at Stucko’s

Need a well deserved break from the world? Come in and Get ‘stuck’ at Stucko’s…

Marquette, MI – Just voted #1 for the Best Burgers in Marquette by the Mining Journal’s 2014 reader’s choice award Stucko’s is a much loved bar and grill style restaurant whose in-house recipes featuring local flavors and ingredients have made it a favorite around town. 


Jess Davenport presents two local favorites for lunch : A BBQ Pile-On Burger and a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwhich at Stucko’s Bar & Grill in Marquette, MI. (photo by Ron Caspi)

When she suggested that we go to lunch, I hesitated. It was a particularly busy day, not really a day that I wanted to even have to leave my house. I’d gone to class, but any other outside ventures seemed to be too big of an effort for me. My younger sister Samantha is relentless, however, and eventually I caved.

We walked in and I instantly felt better. The look and feel of this great little establishment is positively overwhelming. I SO needed it; it was like the owners of Stucko’s anticipated having patrons like me, and had this very thing in mind when they considered opening their Pub & Grill back on Fourth of July weekend, 2006.


Artistic painted tiles decorate the ceilings above high top tables and chairs at Stucko’s. (Ron Caspi)

Our waiter approached us, and as we ordered a drink, he carded my 29-year old sister…she was smiling from thereon out.  He was a very friendly, knowledgeable server who knew not only the menu, but anticipated that we were in the mood to eat away our stressors with some delicious fried food. He suggested several appetizers, and it suddenly went from “are we going to get an appetizer” to “which appetizer can be decided on?” A good salesman, but not annoyingly or in our faces, he simply made some delicious-sounding suggestions.

From the moment that my sister sipped on her Corona with lime, or I my fresh, fruity blend of a Strawberry Daquiri, our troubles seemed to slip away. Whatever deadlines, homework and parental responsibilities had been overwhelming us, we were able to escape to this oasis known as Stucko’s Pub and Grill and we were going to enjoy, if only for a little while, our time here.


Stucko’s is famous for their homeade Bourbon BBQ sauce. This slow roasted pork sandwhich tossed with famous BBQ sauce is served on a Kaiser roll made locally by the Marquette Baking Company, yum… (photo Ron Caspi)

“Where did the owners get the idea for the place?” I’d asked our waiter. He responded that his bosses were both bartenders and they met, fell in love and started their own business. What a great story, I thought! Part romantic comedy, part humor, lots of hard work-those are what was evident to me that had helped to make this business a success.

While we were there, we couldn’t decide on one appetizer, so we got an order of White Cheddar Cheese Curds and an order of Homemade Artichoke and Spinach dip, served with nacho chips. The gooey curds were a perfect bite-sized answer to our craving of all things deep fried and indulgent. The consistency of the dip was just perfect, with a hint of the taste and texture of a good piece of avocado fruit. (Yes, avocados are a fruit).

While we sat, relaxed and enjoyed our refreshing beverages, we got a chance to look around. The theme throughout Stucko’s really is “come in, relax and enjoy yourself.” It’s a non-judgmental atmosphere that allows you to be yourself, whether with family or friends, which is part of what makes it quite popular among college students and area residents alike.  There is Wi Max available there, but try and enjoy the fun atmosphere while visiting, don’t just go there to study-use it to check for that email that you’ve been waiting for, shut your computer and then get back to relaxing.


During the warmer months people enjoy the outdoor seating to catch some rays on Third St. (photo Ron Caspi)

After our second beverage, Sam and I decided we weren’t going to order anything else, as we still had some of our appetizers left! Although we had only anticipated going to Stucko’s for lunch, we ended up getting much more than we bargained for. We had a renewed sense of relaxation, a fresher take on the day and were ready to hammer out the next few weeks of school. Thanks to this great little pub, conveniently located at 900 North Third Street, my sister and I got the break that we needed.

Great food, excellent service, and a great atmosphere is what I can say about Stucko’s Pub and Grill. Please remember to support this and every other local small business- go and get ‘stuck’ at Stucko’s, it is what helps to keep our wonderful community alive.

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